First dev bounty

Let’s do another small update on all that is going on in the background

Dev bounty

We have a first bounty posted in #bounties, we are looking for somebody that can make us a decent script for doing multisignatures. All is mentioned in the post in #bounties in our Discord.

Information gathering

We are working on a wiki to gather all info that is spread out over all the different channels here, this way it will be a lot easier to point to an frequently asked question, instead of posting, please read the faq or announcements. Every article will be linked. Give us a bit of time to gather all that info and have it all organised in a decent way

Proof of concept

The promised proof of concept will be released this week, we are putting the finishing touches on the execution of it and once that is finished it will be released


The tipbot in Discord is temporarily down, as we are working on moving it from it’s server to another one and at the same time we are upgrading to bot with more functionalities and another code base that should be more stable. This is important as this bot will be an integral part of the proof of concept once released. Don’t worry all current balances will be moved over.

Donations for listing

For anybody that wants to follow how the donations are going, please follow #donations I’m posting there whenever something arrives. Currenlty we are at 0.20482656 BTC of the 0.5 BTC we still need. So in total with the anomynous angel investor we are at 0.705 btc of the total of 1 BTC. We are almost there.

For everybody that donated, please send me a screenshot in dm of your donation if you want to be awarded the supporter role in Discord. We will also mention you in the announcement and blogpost that will be made when the listing is complete.

This is no obligation and if you want to stay anomynous no problem.

We are also looking at setting up a pool to mine for example Raven with a for example 50% of mining rewards going towards our listing goal. More about this in the near future if this is still necessary by then.

Early supporters thank you

For this you got to be in our Discord.

More updates will follow in the course of the next days, stay tuned