Cryptobridge listing donations

Cryptobridge it is!!!!

The vote between listing and not listing has been very close right up untill the end. We had a long time not listing in the lead, but finally it has been decided that we will apply for listing on cryptobridge.


    • No listing: 124
    • Cryptobridge listing: 168
    • octaex: 6
    • Yobit: 11

What does this mean. As announced in an earlier post. There is 0.5 btc needed to pay the listing fee for cryptobridge, this will be done through donations. You can find the donation addresses below. We have decided to accept donations in BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR and RVN

Once the donation is complete we will send the payment and post here the proof of payment to cryptobridge. From there on, we have to wait 7-10 days before they actually list us on their exchange. Which we will announce off course:

Donation addresses

BTC: 1GpKcGrnzzbxo6K7zpy4RN9SiarBqAd48U
ETH: 0x50656E86ff6390669aEd53B4118b4Edc1A462d87
LTC: ltc1qyxj3ghf36nqheyjv7d6egs6xh4wz2s27gfexrr
XMR: tbd