MN monitoring and Reden Review guidelines

Masternode monitoring

Today we got the news that we got added to This website aims to provide an easy way to monitor your masternodes, not only ours but those of some other projects too. Youc an have monitoring and alerts through e-mail, discord and/or telegram.
So if you don’t want to keep your wallet open to check the status of your masternode. Thx to @iwalker#6384 for adding us

Exchange listing

After the voting is over and the result stays in favor of listing, we will open up the donations to gather the remaining 0.5 btc for listing on Cryptobridge. After some good back and forth in discord tonight, we decided to open up donations in the following 5 coins: btc, ltc, eth, rvn and xmr.

Guidelines for Reden reviews

We have been preparing an extensive document with a list of criteria to take in consideration to judge projects.

This is a document that will always be adjusted and we have compiled this extensive list from multiple sources. However now we need your help by the way of comments to review this document and suggest adjustments.

The doc will converted into a form that can be used to submit a review. This form will be put online in the course of the week, also will we open the Reden Review discord server to start generating content that can be put on the website.

Read the document