Updates and High level diagram

The last weeks a lot has been going on, we kinda forgot to update the blog here, so let’s get that fixed now.


We started and concluded the swap of the old Eden coin to Reden coin.

These were the numbers at the end of april 30th after officially closing the form for swap submissions:

Final Statistics of swap:

  • Total sent in Eden:  2 482 575 Eden
  • Total Eden claimed: 2.629.508 Eden
  • Total Entries: 812 form entries
  • Swapped Reden: 2 380 782  REDN
  • Swapped Entries: 649
  • Claims still open: 37 entries.
  • Claims invalid: 57 entries
  • not swapped claimed EDEN: 248 726  Eden

Since the swap ended some of the open claims have been resolved and in the days after the swap some people have come forward with some very legitimate reasons why they could not make the swap so the total coins swapped is a bit higher than here. Because there are still some entries open and actively being pursued, these numbers have not yet been updated. Once these are closed the totals will be know but for now we have swapped about 85% of the total circulating supply of Eden at the chain swap.

On that matter since the community in discord has voted to end all swaps on the 2nd of may at 22h it is no longer possible to swap your old eden coins for new reden coins


In the first 24-48 hours of the network we have had some problems with stability but the cause for this was determined and fixed by our development team. In the days following there was also an update of the wallets so that these problems should be mostly solved now. All wallets as of the latest version sync very good and should have no longer any problems with connecting to the network.


We have a network hash varying between 4.5 to 6 gh/s and growing over the last weeks. The difficulty is currently about 140 and this means that at the time of posting the following results can be had:

  • 1080 ti: +/- 60 redn a day
  • 1050 ti: +/- 12 redn a day
  • rx560: +/- 10 redn a day



Currently we have 362 running masternodes with 54 requiring a restart or just started.
This means that a masternode is giving on average about 35 Redn a day.


We have been listed on a small new exchange which we can’t endorse for the moment as we have not yet enough confidence in their reliability nor intentions in the long run. So you can trade Redn on qtrade.io, but be cautious and do this at your own discretion. Don’t say we have not warned you.

Other exchange options are being voted on in our discord server.


The above image is an high level overview of how we as a team are seeing the implementation working. Off course is this a document in motion and this will be adapted once we implement some parts of it.

Download the latest the pdf-version

We are also about to release a proof of concept of the rating/score/review system where as the results of any rating will be posted on a page here. Stay tuned for that
In the mean time the dev team is working on determining the full course of action to realize the goals set out from the beginning. This involves looking for the technical solutions on how we can all implement it in a reliable way in the blockchain.