Coin Specifications Reden

Reden’s coin specification and drivers of demand and supply should lead to stable and steady volume and value growth.


X16S PoW with masternodes

Block Retargeting

Every block :: Dark Gravity Wave v3


60% PoW :: 40% Masternode

Coins per block


Block Time

120 seconds

Masternode collateral

5000 Reden


25% every 60K blocks

Max supply

14,000,000 Max Supply and 10,600,000 Reden mineable on the new chain, 400,000 Reden for coin development, and 3,000,000 Reden to swap old chain coins snapshotted by block 37,050.

90% supply

24 months

100% supply

5.7 years

De-Risking Alt-Coin

The community voted that Reden’s new purpose should be “De-Risking Alt-Coin”, providing services to making it harder for scammers and unprofessional teams to undermine the enormous opportunity alt-coins offer genuine development teams, and their investors.

What does this all mean?

the proposed services that will support this goal, they are:

  • Project collateral services. Projects can deposit collateral in escrow with Reden and if the project folds, the collateral will be used to compensate coin holders.
  • Escrow services. Reden can logically offer further escrow, for example of bitcoin listing proceeds, or non-token items such as source code repositories.
  • Reputational services. Reden will develop community drive intelligence about and benchmarking of projects, under the banner of “Reden Ratings”



March 2018

Eden Released.

April 2018

Regain control of the coin following iodev departure and agree with community on the new coin's purpose and specs.

April 2018

Launch new chain and swap old coins for new coins (21 April 22:00 UTC)

April 2018

Issue consultative whitepaper and roadmap.

May 2018

Secure a listing on a mid-market exchange selected by community!

June 2018

Begin “Reden Rating” using simple tools e.g. discord channels.

June 2018

Develop rules for collateral, escrow, release and distribution.

July 2018

Provide first collateral and escrow services, manual processing.

July 2018

Implement more robust community debate and voting system!

August 2018

Develop alt-coin best practice guidelines and rating system. Minimal viable product for the collateral and coin profile platform.

September 2018

Extend escrow services to non-token items such as code repository.

October 2018

Develop platform to offer full services based on mvp feedback.

November 2018

Shift marketing focus towards establishing Reden as anti-scam leader.

December 2018

Further exchange listings as appropriate voted by community.

Pools mining

Here is a list of REDEN mining pools. If you would like to add your pool please email us at

-o stratum+tcp:// -u walletaddress -p c=REDN Team REDEN

The team was formed from the original EDEN community. Through perseverance and hard work we have built one of the strongest teams and communities. We are currently looking to add one or two more developers and marketing people to our team. Contact for more information on these positions.

Filip Bunkens
CEO & spokesperson
Daniel Templeman
Johnny Mo, PMP
Daniele Bazzicalupo
Marketing & co-CFO
Daniel Smith
Marketing & Moderator
Xi Lu
Marketing and Eastern Liason
Tri Nguyen
Head Blockchain Developer
Nicholas Bertelsen
Advisor & Developer & Web Developer
Mark J Radacz
Mac & Mobile Developer
Greg Lavigne
Pool Manager & Developer
Jonathan Hawkins
Advisor & co-Web Developer
Reza Sedaaghi
Community manager

Reden News NEWS

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